Frankenlust Township NATURE PARK


Hotchkiss Road & Three Mile Road Intersection


Welcome to our Township Nature Park. For those of you have not been to the Park, there are plenty of things to see. We have benches placed throughout the Park so you can sit down  and relax or just enjoy the weather. Maybe if you sit still long enough you’ll see some of the wildlife around you. We have deer, ducks, turtles, rabbits, as well as many species of birds in the park.  There are even docks for fishing. Let us know if you see any new animals we haven’t listed.

For those of you who like to linger at the Park, we have a port-a-john available during the warmer months. We don’t have doggie port-a-johns, but we do have doggie  doo-doo bags so you can pick up after your dog. Everyone appreciates it when responsible owners clean up after their dogs.

There is a path all the way around the ponds  which amounts to approximately a one mile walk or run.

We can always use a new Volunteer. Your ideas would be appreciated, as well has your help. If interested, please call the Township Office @ 686-5300, or come to one of our monthly meetings on the second Thursday, February – October.

If you take any interesting pictures of wildlife and such, please send them to us.  We’d love to see them. Maybe we’ll even put them on the website.

We hope you enjoy visiting our Nature Park and encourage others to visit also.