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Burn Permit Rules:


Open Burnings are for YARD WASTE ONLY. NO trash, rubbish or garbage shall be burned in a covered container or in an open fire which burns with a black smoke and gives off an offensive odor or otherwise constitutes a nuisance to any adjoining land owner or the public.


Fire shall be attended at all times by a competent person and be done during daylight hours only.


There shall be NO BURNING OF TIRES, OIL, OIL-BASED PRODUCTS OR BEDDING/MATTRESSES.† (For a more detailed list inquire at the twp. office.)


Person SHALL have a garden hose connected to a water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment readily available for use and no fire shall be within on hundred (100í) feet of any structure.


If the Fire Dept. receives any complaints a unit will be dispatched to check the complaint out.† If the Firefighter determines that the fire is a violation of any of the rules, the fire SHALL be extinguished and this permit SHALL be revoked.


Burning within 1,400 feet of the city limits is not permitted by State of Michigan Law.


Open Burning:


The Department of Environmental Quality has specific rules that have to be followed in order to have an open burn.† Open burning is the burning of unwanted materials such as paper, trees, brush, leaves, grass and other debris where smoke and other emissions are released directly into the air.† A metal or masonry container with a metal covering device with openings no larger than ĺ of an inch has to be used to burn in.† There is no burning within 1,400 feet from the boundary of an incorporated city.


Michigan air quality and solid waste regulations prohibit open burning that creates smoke or odor nuisances.† Solid waste includes refuse and garbage generated at a household.† Open burning of trees, logs, brush, stumps, grass and leaves is allowed.† Burning of grass and leaves however produces a thick smoke that can be a health threat to those with respiratory conditions.

Things that are not to be burned are any waste generated at commercial or industrial facilities, any structure (such as houses, barns or sheds), building materials, pressure treated materials, shingles, tires, any other petroleum products, construction or demolition waste or beekeeping equipment.† For more information go to and click on the Environmental Quality link, then the Air Quality link.


To burn in Frankenlust Township you must first obtain a burn permit.† An open burn must be done during daylight hours and attended by those responsible with water readily available if the burn needs to be put out.† You can obtain a permit by calling the Township Office at (989) 686-5300 and requesting one.† Our new procedure will be for the office personnel to direct you to the fire departmentís voice mail where you will be instructed on the rules for burning and any burn bans if applicable.† You will be asked to leave your name, the address where you would like to burn, your telephone number and the date you wish to burn.† By doing this you are agreeing to the terms listed in the announcement.


If you do not request a permit and the fire department has to respond to a call made reporting your fire you will be responsible for any costs that are incurred according to our Cost Recovery Ordinance.† If you have requested a permit and the fire gets out of control the fire department must, by law, respond.† If the fire must be put out you will be responsible for any costs incurred.