Frankenlust Township FEES

Effective July 14, 2015


*Administrative Site Plan Review


*Construction Board of Appeals


*Final Site Plan


*Minor Site Plan Review


*Nonconforming Use, Expansion or Substitution


*Planned Unit Development Area


*Preliminary Site Plan




*Special Land Use


*Special Meeting


*Zoning Board of Appeals


Absentee Voter Labels


Absentee Voter Labels-Mailed


Building Permit

Per Inspector

Colored Maps


Electrical Permit

Per Inspector


Per Page $2.00

Master Plan


Mechanical Permit

Per Inspector

Ordinance Book (includes Zoning Book)


Ordinance Book (only)


Plumbing Permit

Per Inspector

Recycle Bin


Returned Checks-NSF

As Charged by Bank

Zoning Book (only)