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Treasurer’s Office

The duties of the Treasurer include:

v  Issuing Township checks on a monthly basis

v  Collecting, receipting, and depositing all Township revenue as received

v  Investing all extra Township funds so these funds are safe and available when needed

v  Managing all Township debt service accounts

v  Collecting and distributing all real and property taxes as warranted by the Assessor

v  Preparing a monthly account of Township receipts and expenditures and submitting to the Board

v  Preparing a quarterly account of where funds are invested and submitting to the Board

The Treasurer serves on various Boards and Committees:

·         Frankenlust Township Board Member

·         Frankenlust Township Zoning Board of Appeals Member

·         Bay County Township Association

·         Bay County Treasurers’ Association – current Vice President

·         Michigan Township Association

·         Michigan Municipal Treasurers’ Association

Current Treasurer is Mary M. Revord.

o   Township Treasurer 1992 – Present

o   Born on a farm in Frankenlust Township; youngest of nine children

o   Current member of St. John Lutheran Church and Altar Guild

o   Married to Allen Revord; Three sons: Vincent & Molly, Matthew, Jason