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Consumers Price Index


Taxable values are increased by additions to the property or by the increase of the Consumers Price Index as computed by using the Federal Government monthly rendering of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The CPI for the 2012 Tax Year has been computed to be 2.7%.


Agricultural Revaluation


I have been visiting all agricultural parcels that have a residence on them. These visits are being made to assure assessments are as uniform as possible and to conform with the goal to revisit 20% of our parcels each for the next five years. In late December, I mailed valuation statements to each owner of the visited agricultural parcels so that owners can have the opportunity to check the information that is being used to set values.



Assessor’s Office


Frankenlust Township contracts with Paul Arnold of Arnold Assessing to provide assessing services in the township. Annually, the Assessor shall prepare an Assessment Roll that describes all taxable real and personal property in the Township as of December 31st and its assessed and taxable values. The property tax is based on two elements; the value of the property, and the millage rate at which the values are taxed.  The value of the property is determined through the assessing process. Millage rates are determined by authorized government units and voter approved mileages. Property taxes are charges to taxpayers for the costs of governmental programs and services that benefit the general public and to finance public improvements, such as a road project.


Additional Tax Information


Taxes are based on Taxable Value. 1 mill equals $1.00 per $1000 of Taxable Value. Amounts with no millage are either Special Assessments or other charges added to the bill. Partial tax payments are accepted! If you prefer to pay your tax bill in payments, rather than in one single payment, partial payments are accepted any time there is a balance due.


Credit and Debit Cards are not accepted for payment.

Pre-payments are not accepted.

There must be a tax bill issued before payment can be accepted.


Delinquent Tax Payments … beginning March 1, 2012, taxes are payable to the Bay County Treasurer, with

additional fees and interest. Please call 989-895-4285 for your total tax amounts owed.

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Checklist For Home Buyers or Sellers



1. Fill out a “Change of Address” with the Post Office.

2. Change address on all publications.  (Magazines, TV Guide)

3. Change address on Driver’s License.

4. Change Voter Registration.

5. Notify insurance companies, banks, credit cards including dept. store charge cards & gas charge cards.

6. Notify newspaper where to quit or start delivery.

7. Utilities:

Sellers-call for a final reading and give forwarding address. 

Buyers- call and have services entered in your name.  Be sure to do both the same day so as not to interrupt services. (See local utility company names and phone numbers on page 2.)

8. Notify local and long distance phone services where to disconnect and connect.

9. Complete Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit Form and/or the Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Form with township.

10. Call 911 from your home if it is a newly built home.  Tell them it is a NON-EMERGENCY CALL and that you are calling to establish your phone number and address with their system.