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Clerk – Deborah Fisher

If you haven’t already registered to vote at the Secretary of State’s office, you can come in and register here at the township office. If you qualify, you can vote by absentee ballot. Call to inquire.



State Senator

Mike Green – 31st District



Daniel Kildee – 5th District


State Representative

Charles Brunner – 96th District


County Commissioner

Tom Herek – 5th District



LFA Hall

2323 Amelith Road

Bay City, MI   48706

Clerks Office


The Township Clerk shall be the Clerk of the Board of Trustees and shall keep a complete written or printed record of the Board. All contracts, legal papers, correspondence, and records, pertaining to the Township, are placed in the keeping of the Clerk. The Clerk registers qualified voters, maintains registration records, and is in charge of all elections.